Mercedes G63

Rent from 490€/day


Rent from 350€/day

Hummer H2

Rent from 180€/day

Audi R8

Rent from 550€/day

Ferrari F8

Rent from 1300€/day

Porsche Macan

Rent from 300€/day

Lamborghini Urus

Rent from 1200€/day

Fiat Panda Ibiza

Rent from 40€/day

Range Rover HSE

Rent from 300€/day

Mercedes Vito

Rent from 140€/day

Mercedes V AMG

Rent from 190€/day

Audi A5 Cabrio

Rent from 140€/day

Audi A3 Cabrio

Rent from 150€/day

Audi SQ8

Rent from 490€/day

Smart 4four

Rent from 65€/day


Rent from 45€/day

Exclusive & VIP Cars in Ibiza

At Ibiza VIP Experience you'll be able to rent exclusive cars in Ibiza. In this list you are seeing all our VIP Cars in Ibiza.

Apart from our luxury cars we have VIP Villas in Ibiza, where you'll enjoy Ibiza as you should.

Hire your exclusive car or VIP VIlla with Ibiza VIP experience, an exclusive car and villa company that works to keep you happy in Ibiza.